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Thursday, July 12, 2007

L.A.event: El Ten Eleven @ The Bordello

Went out to the Bordello for El Ten Eleven, 2 guys (a drummer and a guitarist) with the invisible power of pedals and electronics always surprise first timers with their deep and full sound. (Too bad the pictures kinda' look like caca--I hate using flash on photos, yet do not have the needed stillness a tripod would). Also caught The Harmony Brothers/Charlie Wadhams (different bands, same people) and Broken Remotes. Loved the Zombies-like sound of The Harmony Brothers/Charlie Wadhams. I got to meet Charlie afterwards (like, the nicest most sincere guy in the world) and am looking forward to playing some tracks of his on the show I co-DJ, "Hear, Here". Broken Remotes were a surprise, beautiful sound, beautiful harmonies--I could go on but don't want to sound so uber-gushy...BUT, wow we were batting 3 for 3 last night--haha!!

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