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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

L.Á.fotos: making up for lost time Part Trace

The Library Tower, now crowned the US Bank Building, (and not the "Liberty Tower" as our dear President referred to it when mentioning an Al Qaida plot to crash a plane into it/blow it up/create a controlled implosion of it) all its "green" glory.

...and, speaking of "green", I now believe my camera phone is taking these crazy colorized photos due to the camera phone's white balance being tweaked, of which, as of this moment, I have been unable to de-tweak...not that I'm itching to, come to think of it. The colors remind me of that process of developing slide film as picture photos...where colors become surrealized and saturated...Could anyone share how I could fix this color issue, if, if ever I decided to have a more established reality in photo color depictions? (Photos taken via mobile phone)...

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